EasyCare Bathtubs Don’t Just Look Impressive. The Materials and Craftsmanship Makes Them Completely Different Than All Other Bathtubs On The Market Today.

Appearance and Style

EasyCare Baths & showers offer an unlimited number of patterns, colors and styles to choose from. Whether you want to update a bath or shower, or if you want to add safety features, we help you find exactly what you want.

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Easy To Clean

Other bath and shower products get dull and drab over time, but our EasyCare bath and shower products have a harder, more resilient finish than other bathroom tubs and showers. Just spray with a gentle cleaner, wipe down, and see the bath or shower shine! It looks like new, year after year. It’s literally a wipe and shine finish!

Non-Porous Service

Some bathtubs have porous surfaces that harbor up to 250,000 bacteria per square inch or more per square inch. EasyCare products have a non-porous surface that won’t harbor germs, dirt, or give place for mold or mildew.

Better Materials

EasyCare bath & shower products are the only bathroom tub and shower manufacturer that uses cross linked acrylic for their bathtub and shower liner systems. No other bathroom remodeler offers cross-linked acrylic. It is harder, stronger, and easier to care for than ALL other brands.

Damage Prevention

As your home naturally expands and contracts with the weather, tubs and showers develop cracks that can lead to water leaks and damage. EasyCare’s exclusive Trulok Seal bonding system of Adhesion Promoter and our Thermal Expansion Sealant with permanent flexibility keeps the seal around the bathing and showering areas completely water tight.

Craftsmanship and Quality Materials So UNBELIEVABLE… You Can Search The World Over And Never Find Its Equal.

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