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There is no comparison to our replacement shower pans anywhere in the world. They are made of our Duracast XL Cross Linked Acrylic so you get the same durability and scratch resistance of our other acrylic products but we go one step further.

Most companies choose to back their shower pans with a cheap fiberglass backing or an insulation foam which will only lead to problems (cracking) and headaches for you. We don’t compromise and you shouldn’t either. Each of our replacement shower pans are backed with a super hard urethane resin which offers complete strength and support and will never crack. We Guarantee It!

We can build custom showers pans to fit most every situation and we also build shower pan liners so in some cases we can even eliminate the mess and cost of tearing your old shower out. Contact us now to start enjoying the benefits of Elegance, Comfort and Durability in your bathroom.

EasyCare Showers Come In Virtually Any Style And Color
— But There’s Absolutely No Variation In The Quality

From modern, sophisticated styles, to traditional classics, EasyCare will have exactly what you want.

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