ADA Compliant Showers

EasyCare Easy Entry Showers Really Offer “The Best of Both Worlds” – They Look Spectacular And They’re Amazingly Easy To Clean

Our installation process gives you an easy-entry shower without the stress and excessive costs associated with typical remodeling.

You get the look, style, and selection of natural stone or tile bathrooms coupled with the fast turnaround and no-hassle installation of EasyCare showers.

  • Redesigning your bath and shower are can be the single most effective way to reduce the possibility of serious accidents in your home. We can make your life easier and safer with our Easy Entry Showers that fit right where your existing tub is.
  • As you consider your new bathroom, now is the best time to design it for beauty, ease, comfort and safety. Easy Care Bath products allow you to enjoy relaxing showers without the fear of an awkward and dangerous bathtub barrier – a 16” step that feels like a mountain.
  • We can take your old tub right out and put one of our many walk in shower bases right in its place so you are back using your shower in a couple of days. Our shower pans are built to fit exactly tub was so you won’t have to cost of fixing your floor and moving your drain like you do with most contractors.
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