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EasyCare Walk-in Tub

Bathrooms can be the most dangerous room in the house – especially for senior citizens. Over 70% of home accidents happen in the bathroom.

To stay safe and independent, look at potential hazards in your home. Redesigning your bath and shower are can be the single most effective wa yto reduce the possibility of serious accidents in your home. We can make your life easier and safer with our EZAccess walk-in bathtubs designed for comfort, safety and independence.

Are you tired of missing out on precious time with your family and loved ones due to common ailments such as arthritis or lower back pain, our EZAccess walk-in bathtub may be the perfect option for you. Start enjoying relief from many common ailments such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Lumbago
  • Migraines
  • High Blood Pressure

Alleviates Aches and Pains. Tired of climbing over your old cumbersome bathtub that is small and cramped? Then simply open the door of our EZAccess Bathtub and walk right in, after closing our unique watertight door behind you, just sit back and enjoy the rejuvenating feeling of soaking in 3 feet of warm water that is therapeutic and relaxing.

Contact us Now to start enjoying Peace of Mind, Rejuvenation, and Relaxation TODAY. Have one of our consultants come by and show you all the benefits of owning an EZAccess Walk-in Bathtub.

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